2020-20 2020-2021 - Fall Semester
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Students will learn to spin wool roving into yarn. Students will learn the skill of drafting, producing a balanced yarn, and plying techniques. Fiber preparation of wool fleece, using hand carders or a flicker brush is followed by spinning from your own prepared fiber.
This course is a continuation of CIS 101 Introduction to Computers. This is the second course in a series of three that prepare the student to become Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certified. Wordprocessing, spreadsheet, database, and presentations software are continued with intermediate skills being obtained. Out-of-class computer work is required. Prerequisite: CIS 101.
This course is a continuation of SOC 217 - Introduction to Women's Studies and is designed to help students identify, understand and defuse gender stereotypes and barriers. A control goal is to empower women to take charge of their own lives. Topics include: sexuality, socialization, self-esteem, leadership, motherhood and transcending victimization models of feminism and femininity.